Working Mama

Today marks one month since I officially started my new job ! Yay!

It feels great. It’s been a long and stressful journey but I am extremely thankful, appreciative of the opportunity that came my way and proud of myself for not giving up. I have now officially joined the #workingmama group and LORD it is HARD! I have gained so much respect for all these women out there that juggle between their careers, marriage/relationships, motherhood and self-care because it is a lot to handle!

Thank you, for believing in me. Thank God for teaching me patience and resilience. Last year I prayed for more strength and the challenges and hardships I have faced thus far definitely proved me that I am capable to overcome anything.

We can accomplish it all

I admit it, I still feel lost. I often doubt myself and my abilities to overcome this new challenge but that’s something we can all relate to. Truth be told, I am grateful i was able to stay at home for the first 10 months of my daughter’s life. The bond we have created, beyond sharing the same body for almost a year, is so strong and filled with love and awe that I can never regret this break.

The past four weeks have been quite challenging. The three of us had to readjust our routines, find and establish one that would work with our different schedules. For the first time ever we considered and hired a nanny to complement daycare. We’re still trying to figure it out and there sure isn’t a one solution-fits-all for situations like these.

As far as my personal goals, I am focusing my energy into establishing a career plan that will allow me to remain active and engaged in all the different parts that make me a WOMAN! I do question my decision daily to go to work while I would rather stay home with my baby. I am scared of missing out; scared not to be there when she needs me.

Anybody can be a role model

I received lots of encouragement and love from my friends and family starting this new journey. This made me realize that I had become a role model. To think that I have younger ladies in my circle telling me that I inspire them made me embrace my journey even more. While I don’t necessarily see myself as a leader in that sense, I am honored to have empowered them to pursue all of their dreams without limitations.

It is crucial for young girls and women to thrive at any levels of their lives. Walking away from the status quo and believing they can become whomever they want is something I want my daughter to believe and abide by ! You can have a successful career as well as a family and anything else that fuels us.

Regardless of your age or status, you can become a role model. Most importantly, we should always surround ourselves with people who push us; people that force us to get out of our comfort zones and embrace adversity as a push rather than a setback.

You make your own rules

I am African, Black, a Wife, a Mother and an aspiring Executive woman. My gender nor my culture or religion do not limit or define me. I am strong, successful and beautiful. This is my manifesto, my testimony. May this show you all what WE women are capable of everything  and we shall always go after we desire most!

The road to success is paved with many challenges and obstacles. The best ally we should always have is ourselves. A support system is good but easily becomes ineffective when we ourselves lack the drive and desire to realize our dreams.

Dream on. Keep at it and trust God.

Portrait 1

One chapter closes, Another opens

For the past five years since I moved to New York City, my life has solely revolved around my degree and job search. Nothing else mattered.

After submitting my capstone, which brought an end to my NYU journey, I realized that my outlook on life had completely changed. I could not care whether this was my best paper but rather, I just looked forward to closing that chapter.

My life took a very different turn a few months back where I experienced everything from curse to blessing. I thought I would not make it out. I thought I would lose everything I had worked very hard to achieve those last years. But I survived. I did not have a choice.

You see, every time God has sent me a blessing, it has been accompanied with an equally challenging trial. As if I did not completely deserve it. At last, that is what I thought. But today, I realize it was simply is way to make me slow down, to let him handle on his time, which direction my life must go next. Because you see, God never fails.

I remember wishing last new year to gain more strength, overcome my fears and sorrow and learn to be more patient. I got it all, the whole package. And it is not over. I can feel it . But most importantly, I know it.

However, I am not alone in this journey. I have my God, and the amazing people he has placed in my life that became my support system through it all. And most importantly, I have her, the best part of me, my baby. Though I am afraid, I do not fear because she is the light I have been missing this whole time.

2016 brought me the greatest sorrow with the loss of my best friend. 2017 filled my heart with the purest of all loves, bringing back, both my best friend and greatest life accomplishment. Today I am closing one chapter but also, opening the most important chapter of my life: I become me!

As 2018 begins, I am ABSOLUTELY thankful for everything that has happened. This holiday season, I received the most beautiful gift which is giving life.  Nothing compares to that. This new chapter will be eventful, scary and fulfilling! Although I am terrified daily toto care for such a perfect angel, I know I will be fine.

Oyana, you are my everything and I am thankful that you chose me to guide you through this crazy world!

Happy New Year!

New Year , Same me

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had an amazing time and that you all spent the holidays with your loved ones. Goodbye 2016 and hello to 2k17 – year of achievement. Although I must admit I was anxious about what the new year would bring, I have set myself into thinking and acting more positively!

The first week of 2017 definitely started off on a good note. I passed all my classes with As; I got my French visa and managed to visit my family in Congo and France. I can’t complain, God has been good so far.

It is obvious that every year, one must anticipate new challenges, redefine and refine objectives and, eventually, establish new ones that will guide them through the new year. Not for me, not this time along. I decided that 2017 would simply be another opportunity to focus on myself, my family and loved ones and on my brand.

This year I want to work on really taking the time to appreciate life, one day at a time. 2016 was tough. I almost lost myself, trying to fight against the wave of events and, I almost drown myself trying to fight the inevitable. 2017 will be the year of achievement and personal enhancement. I need and must trust in myself and into God because worry never brought anything positive.

So new year, definitely same me. Setting up surrealistic resolutions has become such a trend in my generation in the past decade that we all end each year disappointed at ourselves and reflecting on what-ifs. I just hope that this new year will be filled with nothing but love and joy for each and every one of us.

2016 you taught me the value of life, you took away the greatest of souls but most importantly, you humbled me. In 2017 I want to become the best version of myself, worry less of the things I have zero control over and, maximize on the achievable.