September blues

September blues: “The feeling of sadness that occurs when the summer is over and school is now in session.”

September blues: “The feeling of sadness that occurs when the summer is over and school is now in session.”

Goodbye hot and humid days; farewell sunny dresses and fancy sunglasses; adieu squeaky flip flops and open toe sandals. In three days, summer will officially be over to let place to the cooler and rainier season: Fall. Although I must admit I was excited to transition from the suffocating New York City summer to the autumnal scene; bringing along the yellow, orange and red leaves on trees and fallen on the ground; the cozy and warm sweaters or to the indoor weekends and finally taking my AC out of my window (nobody likes mosquitoes, especially if they carry the Zika virus): I am NOT ready.

september-bluesSeptember doesn’t only mean summer is over but also going to back to graduate school, starting a new internship and attempting to get back to a more decent sleep routine. Yes, vacation is “officially” over and this is the time of the year where excitement and nostalgia kick in almost silmutaneously – merh.

How to beat the September blues?

Fall season is not just all gloomy or melancholic; it can actually be very exciting, especially in a city like New York where you get a first-hand experience of the Fashion week and of its amazing street style. It is finally acceptable to start wearing darker lipstick (although burgundy is my all-time favorite) and dust off your favorite pair of boots that has been sitting in your closet all summer! September also brings back the excitement of Halloween and the long and indecisive planning sessions with friends about what costumes and parties to attend which honestly allows me escape my 9-to-5 routine.


This season, I can’t wait to catch up the new seasons of my favorite TV shows – Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, American Horror History, Empire, The Vampire Diaries & The Originals – to name a few and, start new ones like Atlanta and Queen Sugar (check them out). There is also the return of the NBA season where I can’t wait to see how Kevin Durant fits into his new team and how him joining the Golden State Warriors is going to help bring the championship back to the Bay!

This Fall 2016, Don’t Forget to vote! 

greatquickmemeOn a more serious tone, Fall also means that in a couple of months, America will be voting on their new leader and honestly, this is the most terrifying time of all as the gap between Hillary Clinton and  Donald Trump keeps shrinking. To all of my U.S. citizens in age of voting: PLEASE REGISTER and make sure to VOTE on Tuesday, November 8 because your action and/or inaction will not only determine the lives of your fellow Americans but also those of the millions of immigrants in the country. 

So we have a pretty busy schedule this fall and although it might seem overwhelming right now, let’s not forget that “every season brings a reason to be happy” (yes this is from Winnie the Pooh)!

First blog post

Well well well, if this isn’t the funniest and scariest part of blogging: THE first blog post!


img_1250When I woke up this morning, I never imagined that I would be spending the majority of my Saturday  creating, editing and well, blogging. Yet, here I am, trying to pass this nerve-wracking test that is my first ever post on Blurred-Heritage. I tried to think about ideas and structures for this post while in the shower – how to avoid the boring introduction or captivate the attention of the reader – but I realized that this is only my first post after all.

First and foremost, let me reiterate the whys or mission statement of this online journal. Although I had been contemplating blogging for some time, it never really stuck to my mind as part of my brand or what I believed in. As a very private person, I tend to back out whenever asked to share personal information, especially on the internet (trust issues maybe?). I have been asked for educational purposes in college to create a blog in order to express my opinions on the news  but that stopped there; I never felt the urge to make this a regular habit.

You might ask yourself: “why now?” – Good question. I don’t think I can come up with a good answer but I hope that together, we will find answers in this journey. However, this quote from my dad that has been my “motto” for the past seven years might help you understand a little something about me: “il n’y a pas de hasard, il n’y a que des rendez-vous du destin.” Yes, this is french, but what it means is that nothing happens by chance, it is all fate.

Here I am, twenty-four days away from celebrating my quarter of century (you do the math) and, still trying to find my purpose in the beautiful city of New York that I am proud to call my home now. Blurred-Heritage defines the state of mind that I have been in for the past four years. I moved to NYC to pursue my masters in Global Affairs at New York University and that should have been it. I guess fate had other plans because I am still here, going for my second M.S. in Public relations this time, still at NYU but with different objectives and dreams in mind.

Starting  from today, this blog will trace my journey, in the form of a journal sometimes, but mostly as a tool to practice my writing while sharing my thoughts. This is my safe space, opened to you, where you will find stories, memories, pictures that inspire, intrigue and challenge me.

Welcome to Blurred-Heritage!