Back on Tracks

Last week marked the beginning of two important things: my 3rd semester in my PR program at NYU and, my return to the GYM. While the first happened quite smoothly, I must admit the comeback to the latter was not so easy and that is all my fault.

I had been slacking from my almost religious workout routine since October so it is only fair that I would be struggling after three months or so. As part of my resolution to become the best version of myself this year, I want to get my sh*t together and get back on tracks with my weight and fitness goals: losing 10 lbs/5 kgs & toning up my body.

With a fully loaded semester – 4 full-time classes – I am aware that it will be challenging and that I might want to give up on multiple occasions but, I will just have to work harder. Fitness helped me overcome and alleviate a lot of the pain and stress I faced last year after losing my best friend and, I do hope to integrate it fully to my routine this time. This time, I am lucky to have the guidance and tips from my hubby who will be extremely resourceful  into meeting my goals. He’s going to be a real a** but that will be necessary cause I need a pusher to get me started.

Here is what my new routine will consist of:

  • 3 workouts per week targeting
    • endurance/cardio
    • legs
    • upper body
    • core
  • 1 yoga session to improve my flexibility and alleviate the soreness from my workouts

Meanwhile, I have slowly started reducing my calories intake, focusing on lean proteins, lots of fruits and veggies (which are already part of my diet) and, consuming more water. Let’s be clear, Rome was not built in one day so I am not rushing myself into it. I want to enjoy every step of the process while making sure I do not lose my husband when he becomes a bully at the gym (sigh).

I will be posting updates soon about my exact routine and diet but you can check my Instagram story for the latest news. Wish me luck, I will need it!


Travel diaries : Brazzaville

Home is where the food is. My fellow Congolese will agree with this statement, probably adding music to the statement lol. So, if you have never been to Congo, now is the time!

I left NYC cold weather for a warmer destination: Brazzaville. I had been planning this trip for a bit, making sure that I would make it on time to surprise my dad on his 66th birthday. Every single member of my family was in the confidence, including my 10-month-old nephew, except for my dad of course.

I left NYC on sunday night, my flight was supposed to leave at 6:20pm but didn’t take off until 11pm. I ended up missing my connecting flight in Paris the next morning and was rebooked to a flight to Morocco. I had a 6-hours layover in Casablanca and waited another hour in Pointe-Noire to finally make it on Tuesday morning at 5.50am to surprise my old man.

One of my suitcases did not arrive until Wednesday evening, although Air France continuously assured me that they would both make it at the same time as I did. Delta never apologized for the inconvenience but I guess that is just how things work with these companies. In the end, I was home and, the tears my father and I shared that morning were priceless.

While my journey was full of unforeseen events, I did manage this time to catch up with my loved ones. No partying nor heavy drinking but, lots of quality time with family and friends, and some sunbathing cause my skin was craving some vitamin D!

I am not sure if I am getting older (and wiser lol) but I don’t feel the urge anymore to be outdoors all the time. I despise crowded places and above all, the hypocrisy that surrounds our milieu. I have reached my limits and can no longer pretend to like being around people I simply cannot stand. Last year definitely taught me that life was too short to be living anything but your own truth.

Although I was born and raised in Brazzaville, I only started appreciating the beauty and richness of my culture until recently. Crazy right? Well I always was and will be a fan of my native land. In fact, the longer I lived in abroad, the more I value and cherish the time I spend here. Even though I complain all the time about people being lazy and that I live too far from the center of the city, it makes me sad to see how my colourful and vibrant city was affected by the financial crisis.

I always loved the food at Mami Wata, it is what we call a “valeur sure” – meaning, you can never go wrong there. Although I always get the same items off the menu, which consists of the fish brochette (kebab) with a side of plantains and rice. What I enjoy the most there is the view of the Congo River and of Kinshasa. My crush however was the newly opened Elbo Suites whose modern architecture and, its simplistic and discrete staff definitely contributed to the hotel’s fast growing reputation. I met my girls there for diner and had the Carbonara Pasta and a Mojito which were both to die for and, THE best in town!

Although this was a very short trip, I definitely refueled my soul and heart, from the house staff to the cab drivers, the rude street vendors and the invasive family members. All of this contributed into making my quick sweet escape a very colorful and cheerful experience! I am not sure when I will be able to return home but at least I know I carry it everywhere and wherever I go, in my heart!

For further information about Brazzaville and all of its beautiful and amazing touristic attractions, visit the National Tourism Office, you will get more tips on where to stay, eat and party; how to access the Odzala National Park and see the Gorillas, amongst all things.

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New Year , Same me

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had an amazing time and that you all spent the holidays with your loved ones. Goodbye 2016 and hello to 2k17 – year of achievement. Although I must admit I was anxious about what the new year would bring, I have set myself into thinking and acting more positively!

The first week of 2017 definitely started off on a good note. I passed all my classes with As; I got my French visa and managed to visit my family in Congo and France. I can’t complain, God has been good so far.

It is obvious that every year, one must anticipate new challenges, redefine and refine objectives and, eventually, establish new ones that will guide them through the new year. Not for me, not this time along. I decided that 2017 would simply be another opportunity to focus on myself, my family and loved ones and on my brand.

This year I want to work on really taking the time to appreciate life, one day at a time. 2016 was tough. I almost lost myself, trying to fight against the wave of events and, I almost drown myself trying to fight the inevitable. 2017 will be the year of achievement and personal enhancement. I need and must trust in myself and into God because worry never brought anything positive.

So new year, definitely same me. Setting up surrealistic resolutions has become such a trend in my generation in the past decade that we all end each year disappointed at ourselves and reflecting on what-ifs. I just hope that this new year will be filled with nothing but love and joy for each and every one of us.

2016 you taught me the value of life, you took away the greatest of souls but most importantly, you humbled me. In 2017 I want to become the best version of myself, worry less of the things I have zero control over and, maximize on the achievable.