That time I almost quit my internship

Why is it that I can’t seem to find the inner strength to stick to an internship for more than 3 months and keep it interesting at the same time ?

Have you ever had that one internship that you absolutely love but simply hate going to? I am sure we have all been there once but honestly, I think it is becoming a habit for me. At some point, I just can’t take the BS anymore, no matter how interesting, rewarding or challenging the position is. Why is it that I can’t seem to find the inner strength to stick to an internship for more than 3 months and keep it interesting at the same time?

yup-i-freakin-quitFirst, I get bored easily. I need to be in a working environment that stimulates me on a daily basis. I need to feel involved and work on projects that tick my curiosity allows me to be creative while teaching me new skills. I  cannot be satisfied with seating at my desk, browsing the internet, from 9 to 5, especially if I am not in my pajamas!

Second, I deeply despise the lack of organization. As my manager or supervisor, you need to think about a working plan before I start my assignment; otherwise I don’t see why you would even hire an intern. An internship is supposed to benefit the organization and trainee who expects to gain critical skills for their future job. An internship will also determine what type of company, industry and environment a young professional wants to work in. I look at every position as an open window into workplace, hoping it will help me decide what paths to choose in my professional career.

3pcsjiLast but not least, unpaid internships are the number one factors of disengagement in people. This common practice in the United States resembles slavery in most cases as interns’ performances often equal those of full-time staff members. As Governor Cuomo recently ratified the minimum wage increase in New York State, a few lucky people will get to enjoy a 15$ hour-rate while the rest of us, international students and illegal workers, have to comply with stupid work restrictions and regulations.

As a Millennial, I don’t think I necessarily enjoy quitting jobs but sometimes, it appears as if it is the only option available. When I start resenting my workplace and colleagues, I just cannot fake it anymore: I have to go. (And it shows on my face!) In order to maintain my work ethics, performances and to prevent damaging the relationships I built, I need to distance myself and look for other opportunities. “The biggest driver of disengagement is people feeling like they’re stuck in a job, and there’s nothing for them there” (Business Insider).

Maybe I am the problem, maybe I idealize my job too much. I like to believe that the perfect opportunity has not shown up yet and I must keep searching. Will I leave my current position? I don’t know yet. One thing is sure, once my mind is set to it, I will walk out, unapologetic.


Travel diaries : St Thomas, Emerald of the Sea

Saint Thomas is one of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean sea that constitute the unincorporated territory of the United States. The island is only about 32 square miles (80.7 km2), with a population of  50 thousands people. Although the official language is English, locals speak patois – a mix of Creole, English, Spanish sometimes and French.

From the minute we landed, I immediately felt at home: the sun, the breeze, the turquoise sea, the palm trees. The Caribbean have that “je ne sais quoi” about its people, landscape, food, music and atmosphere. I’ve never felt so close to my homeland in the four years that I have lived in the U.S. and it felt great!

This trip was a refreshing and very intimate moment for the hubby and I. It was important for us to take the time off and reminisce about the past two months; to look at how our relationship has evolved in the past two years and think about the future.

It also allowed me to reconnect with one of my passions: photography. I’ve always been really excited about capturing key moments of life, creating durable memories. My lens allows me to stop time and make that instant live forever. I look at photography as a way to escape my routine and immortalize my surroundings and loved ones.

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Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Ritz Carlton who made our stay the most pleasant, relaxing and peaceful honeymoon. We couldn’t have wished for any better. We will definitely be back and this time with friends and family: the more, the merrier! The scenery was simply divine – minus the mosquitoes who turned my legs fifty shades of red.