The 25th Birthday wishlist 

“Me season” is finally around the corner and I get to be spoiled with the most extravagant and fabulous gifts!!

The most exciting part of my birthday is dreaming about all the things I want and will request unapologetically from my loved ones ! *devil laugh*

“Me season” is finally around the corner and I get to be spoiled with the most extravagant and fabulous gifts :p. What’s the point of aging if I can’t look or feel fabulous? In case you are still wondering what to get me on my special day, this should help you.


I hate surprises because I never know what to expect or what to wear so one word of advice: Do Not Plan Me a Surprise Birthday party or dinner. I will literally hate you for the rest of the year because:

  1.  It will ruin my makeup cause i’m a cry baby;
  2. I don’t trust you ! lol no but seriously;
  3. I will find out somehow – don’t ask me how, I just know when people are scheming;
  4. I don’t know how to fake my facial expressions so you’ll see right away if I’m either pissed or annoyed;
  5. Just don’t do it. Please. Even if it comes from a good intention, I just hate not having control;
  6. Unless you’re flying me somewhere with a beach, plenty of sun and a bottle of Vouvray :p


Although I don’t necessarily expect presents this year – except from my parents and bae – the best thing that could happen on October 11 is knowing that you’re still here, somewhere, and you are watching over me because I still can’t believe that you won’t be there to celebrate with me.

Author: Blurred-Heritage

Not just another child of the Congolese diaspora lost in America. More like a highly educated young woman, wife and mother with dreams bigger than this world and, an heritage as blurred as the borders of my continent. Welcome to Blurred-Heritage. I am Isis and if you like what you read and see, subscribe or share ! Bonne visite !

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